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Last Updated On 02/10/2019

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What is your ideal home? Did You Know That Your Home Loan Interest Goes Up After 3 – 4 Years?

Most home loans in Singapore, fixed or floating, have promotional rates in their first 3 – 4 years after which rates balloon, leading to higher monthly payments and larger interest payments. The dirty little secret most banks won’t tell you? You can actually Refinance – I.e. Change your bank loan package – your home loan, once your lock in period (typically 3 – 4 years) is over. Allowing you to get a new promotional rate, keeping your monthly payments and interest payments low.

The refinance alarm, the first of it’s kind in Singapore allows you to key in your home loan package details and receive a reminder to refinance close to the end of your lock-in period. This ensures that you don’t ever have to worry about missing out on your chance to refinance and lose thousands of dollars.

On top of that, the home loan experts from EasyRates will send you great refinancing deals picked just for you, saving you time and energy while allowing you to tap on home loan experts who have collectively helped customers process billions of dollars of home loans.

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Why Use The Refinance Alarm?


Still wondering if the refinance alarm clock is for you? If you are, just take a look at our list of 5 reasons to use the refinance alarm!

refinance Never miss a chance to refinance, saving you thousands of dollars
refinance offers Get great refinance offers, tailored just for you!
refinance rates Get rates that are often better than what you’ll get if you walk into a branch!
refinance help Tap onto the expertise of home loan experts who are on your side!
home loan This service as well as taking a home loan through us is 100% free